The Business of Fashion (BOF): Daily News for the Global Fashion Insider

Are you are in the fashion industry, or a student with dreams of pursuing a fashion career? Maybe you simply like to be “in the know” to talk shop about haute couture. In any case, if you take the fashion world seriously, The Business of Fashion (BOF) should be your go-to online news source.

I’ve found BOF to be one of the best, and most fascinating, sources for the latest insider information within the industry. While other sites (think talk about what’s trending in pop culture fashion, BOF takes a serious look at the industry globally. Scrolling through the site, one can scan headlines about shake-ups within major fashion houses, trends in retail, and (students take note) job postings worldwide within the industry. It’s a reliable, comprehensive source for those interested in global fashion news. Think of it as “the Wall Street Journal of Fashion” (but much more interesting for those of us that are right brain dominant). BOF is such a relevant fashion source that, if it isn’t already, it should be a required read for fashion students.

The best news is that it’s free! Once you sign up, you can receive the BOF “ daily digest “ to your email and even follow BOF on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for up to the minute news. To find out more, click here.

You can thank me later when you land that job at Louboutin…I’m a size 8-1/2.