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Spring 2017 Trend: Statement Sleeves

No accessories needed when wearing this season’s voluptuous sleeves.  The look commands attention and, the bigger the sleeve, the more you will be the envy of those with a finer sense of fashion and detail.  Here are a few of our early favorites but as always, we are on the hunt to find spectacular sleeves locally.  Stay tuned!


March 7- 21, 2017

MARCH 7, 2017: THE SPOTTED PIG in Ladue, MO

BoutiqueNAV welcomes The Spotted Pig to our website!  We can’t say enough good things about this shop, which opened it’s doors just in time for the holidays in early December, 2016.  It was the perfect time because there are gifts galore within the beautifully merchandised store.  It’s a local gem!  Navigate your way to The Spotted Pig in Ladue from our “find a boutique” page on


While you won’t find Josephine’s Tea Room on our site (just yet), we wanted to introduce ourselves (and you) to this magical place where you can have lunch and shop ’til your hearts content.  The tea room has wonderful food and the shops are in separate houses on the “compound”.  It’s quite a unique experience because each shop on the property has rooms that go on and on and on.  It reminded us a little of falling down the rabbit hole, complete with the tea party! Do yourself a favor and have this storybook experience!  It’s just a little jaunt across the river!

MARCH 13, 2017: LUSSO, Clayton, MO

AM visited with the girls from Lusso while GG was away.  She had way too much fun & by the looks of it, GG missed out!  It’s always a fun time to hang with the fabulous people there and it’s definitely a place to “be seen!”  They definitely have one of a kind things @ Lusso!


We are so excited for local designer Barbara Bultman who just opened her very own design studio on the Hill in St. Louis.  She had an opening party and AM was there to celebrate with her.  GG was still out of town and totally missed seeing the fabulous designer and friends!  Look for Barbara Bultman Designs in the KC Fashion Week Runway show on Saturday, April 1!

MARCH 20, 2017: PAISLEY BOUTIQUE, Webster Groves, MO

As you can see, AM was extremely busy while GG was out of town.  She visited with Stacie and the Paisley girls and got a peek at some new spring looks.  I think she may have left with a few fun pieces.  It’s pretty hard to resist as you’ll see in the pics!

MARCH 21, 2017: LEOPARD BOUTIQUE, Webster Groves, MO

Finally GG was back and able to visit Leopard Boutique.  We had a blast playing dress-up!  They have some awesome pieces.  We love the Leopard Loyalty point system!  If you don’t know about it – go in and find out how you can get $$ off your outfits!  It’s a fantastic system they have!

Feb. 24 – March 3rd, 2017


BoutiqueNAV welcomes Shine Boutique to our website!  Shine opened it’s doors this past June and, after many drive by, rubbernecking days of us wondering when, we finally got a sneak peek and met owner, Tamara Netsch.  We could have spent all day there because both the boutique and Tamara are – LOVELY!   Shine is a destination shop which everyone should discover.  With this in mind, we decided bring you along on our journey – so buckle up!

On a bright sunny day in the Lou, AM headed off to Shine Boutique in Ladue, MO.  Located in the heart of Ladue, Shine is chock full of the things we girls all love!  The shop has gifts galore, cute accessories and fabulous clothing items for HER!  Check out some of our recent finds!  Navigate your way to shine from our “find a boutique” page on

FEBRUARY 28, 2017:  sammysoap IN KIRKWOOD, MO

BoutiqueNAV welcomes our second, stellar boutique this week, sammysoap!  When you walk through the doors of this shop you realize pretty quickly that it’s way more than a natural, handmade, local soap company!  The magical fragrances  within do create a fabulous ambiance while shopping, but we guarantee that you’ll be drawn to much more than their amazing soaps.  Discover spectacular jewelry, gifts and the most stunning locally made cards.

Carve out a day because this shop is located in quaint downtown Kirkwood, MO, right in the midst of tons of activities, shops and good local restaurants.  You’ll want time to explore the area, but this shop could be the main course of your day. Come along with us as we take you on our journey to sammysoap.  You’ll be hooked!


Right around the corner from sammysoap is the fabulous Rusted Chandelier, a lovely shop that has been on our site since we began. We’ve made several jouneys here because it always brightens our day to see the season illustrated so beautifully within the store. During this visit we were delighted to see that Spring is in the Air!!!  Adios magic wands from Rusted Chandelier!  If you are curious, visit our FB page and watch our holiday video.  You’ll never be able to get it out of your head – but hey – they sold out!!


Rachel’s Grove is the quintessential, local, dress boutique.  The shop has been on our site from the beginning. We both launched around the same time which makes us fashionably united.  We love everything about Rachel’s Grove, including owner Rachel Forst, who has a fabulous eye for merchandising her store paired with a keen business sense.  Our regular visits to play dress-up always include tons of pictures because the clothing and the backdrop of her shop are a winning combo for fab pics.

Our latest visit was our first peek at Spring looks within Rachel’s Grove.  We were personal shopping for a client who had several events to attend.  With our mission in mind we headed straight to Rachel’s Grove.  We knew we’d find what the client needed but we also found some great buys leftover from Fall/Winter.  Bonus!  Trust us, when Rachel’s Grove announces a sale, mark your calendars because you’ll get great deals on top labels.  These are a few of our favorite things (sing it  – you know you want to:)


Fun in the Sun has two locations in the greater St. Louis Area.  The first location opened in Kirkwood, MO and, more recently, Fun in the Sun Chesterfield greeted it’s first customers.  We love visiting because even on the coldest, dreariest of days you’ll feel warm.  We always have Fun in the Sun! We leave feeling brighter than when we arrived and without a sunburn!  Cheeri-o!

This month we are launching a campaign with Fun in the Sun Chesterfield to show the top 10 reasons to support local.  Each day will feature a picture and new reason why supporting local is the smarter and more fashionable way to shop.


We headed to the Vault Luxury Resale with a clear mission in mind.  We were personal shopping for a client who had several upcoming events and needed outfits.  We were greeted by Diana and Laura, two sisters who own the shop with their mother, Sue.  They are a power threesome who have been in the resale business much longer than most.  They clean out the closets of the rich and famous all over the country, but most of their clients are in NYC and California.  They have a strict “do not tell” policy about their clothing sources, but at times customers can pick up a hints here and there like “if you knew who owned that little number that you are trying on, you’d positively scream!”

On this particular day, we’re told that they’ve just come into a ton of dresses from several “notable” closets.  We are purring!  I immediately spot a green Alice and Olivia dress with flowy pleated sleeves on an mannequin and AM heads for a Prada bag.   With the green dress and many more items safely ensconced in my dressing room,  I finally pull myself away from the racks and head back.  Just as I arrive, AM is waltzing out WEARING MY GREEN DRESS!”  Everyone is oohing and aahhing and upon examining herself in the mirror AM says, “I must get this dress!”  Yep, sometimes this happens, but in the end, I walked out with the dress along with some other great buys, plus our client stopped by the next day and bought several that we picked out for her!  As you’ll see below, AM has some pretty good options, but in the end she was thrilled to pieces with her initial find – The Prada bag.  Happy endings all around!  Check out some of our great finds and the controversial green dress:)