On April 22, 2017, BoutiqueNAV partnered with a group of Midwest Bloggers to promote local boutiques in Chesterfield, MO.  We were beyond excited that our guest designer, Barbara Bultman, could join us because she played an integral part of the surprises ahead.  She’s also just as fun as she is talented!

The morning started off rainy and chilly as we checked in our VIPs, handed them each a personalized lanyard and boarded the bus. Our moods were brighter than the skies, however, so we all put on our new sunglasses (thanks Shine Boutique!) and started the fun as we headed west for our first local adventure.

Our guests were in for many surprises en route to our destinations because we had compiled the best SWAG from generous, partnering boutiques in the area.  Seriously, our BoutiqueNAV SWAG bags were chock full of awesomeness!  Here are the contents inside the BoutiqueNAV bags:  Sunglasses from Shine Boutique in Ladue (they were all unique!), a gorgeous bracelet (a different one for each bag!) with RG nail polish and a discount card from Rachel’s Grove Boutique, a soy candle from Rusted Chandelier (yum – orange vanilla!), Spa Pumice soap from sammysoap (delightful smelling!), a coozie from Giddyup Jane, candy and a discount card from Lusso, a large candle from Christopher’s gifts, a wine glass with commemorative event logo from BoutiqueNAV, coupons from The Spotted Pig and a $25 off from designer Barbara Bultman!  We are incredibly thankful to our partnering boutiques!  They are all so wonderful in supporting local!  It takes a village! See below!

During the short trip to our first boutique, Rachel’s Grove, we spoke with our new blogger buddies about our mission to support local boutiques.  We showed them how supportive our member boutiques are to each other and handed them the SWAG.  Then we did a shout out to each boutique represented in the bag!  We had tons of fun with this!   Here are just a few!  We had so many!

We were all wearing our new Rachel’s Grove bracelets when we stepped off the bus at our first destination, Rachel’s Grove Boutique in Chesterfield.  Owner, Rachel Forst along with co-owner, Justin Flaherty, and the lovely Pam welcomed us into the shop.  Local hat designer, Dianne Isbell (Hats by Di-anne), was previewing her Spring hat collection, so as we stepped inside, we were amazed by the pop of colors that came from the beautifully designed Hats by Di-anne that were paired with Rachel’s Grove dresses.  We all had so much fun trying them on!  It was an amazing visit and most of the bloggers had never been to Rachel’s Grove.  We’re confident that they’ll be back!  Thank you Rachel’s Grove for letting us take over your store for a bit!

1. Our first stop: Rachel’s Grove! 2. Designer Barbara Bultman wearing a fabulous denim hat from Hats by Di-Anne! 3. Blogger Carmen Ramirez @frontrowstl with hat designer, Dianne Isbell. 4. Gretchen Gannon (BoutiqueNAV) wearing a custom derby hat designed by Dianne Isbell 5. Ann-Marie Brown (BoutiqueNAV) pictured with bloggers Valerie Helton @styledmuse and Olivia Bleeker @adropintheocean. 6. Toni Byrd of Connections to Success and blogger Julia Ann Cain @ohjuiaann  7. Fun top with cute sleeves coveted by Giulina Sertyl @thegirlinthelittlereddress and Jen Sertyl of Angelina Accoutrements 8. Blogger Lisa Galvin @lavidalisa_ modeling a fab dress from Rachel’s Grove!

Our second stop was right next door to Rachel’s Grove.  A brand new boutique (not even officially opened yet) called The Final Touch.  We were thrilled to meet Sue, the owner, and to get a sneak peak at all the fabulousness of this shop!  It was a blast discovering all the unique items within!  We’ll be back!

1. Love these cute faux paper plates! 2. Bloggers Olivia Bleeker, Valerie Helton and Carmen Ramirez 3. Pretty bracelets @The Final Touch 4. Bloggers Olivia Bleeker and Julia Ann Cain 5. Blogger Psyche Southwell, Toni Byrd from Connections to Success and Ann-Marie Brown (BoutiqueNAV) 6. Love this chair! It looks like one from the movie Out of Africa.  Am I way off?  7. Blogger Yasmin @bnbsocial loved the gold gladiators 8. Our review – there is a variety of cool things in The Final Touch!  Love it!

Our next stop was Fun in the Sun, the Chesterfield location, which is situated a little further east on highway 40.  We boarded the bus and by the time we got to our destination, it truly was a sunny day!  Owner, Nancy McGee, and store manager, Tacy, were ready for us with fun drinks, adorable cookies and….more SWAG!!!!  Thank you to Fun in the Sun and The Normal Brand for our fabulous caps and the hospitality that you showed us!

1. Giulina Sertyl @thegirlinthelittlereddress found cute Vineyard Vine rainboots 2. The group @Fun in the Sun 3. Cap of the day thanks to the Normal Brand. Pictured: blogger Olivia Bleeker @adropintheocean with Ann-Marie Brown and Designer Barbara Bultman 4. The awesome cookies from Fun in the Sun! Pictured are Ann-Marie Brown and Blogger Carmen Ramirez @frontrowstl. 5. Cheers! Blogger Carmen Ramirez with Ann-Marie Brown, Fun in the Sun owner, Nancy McGee and manager, Tacy. 6. Ann-Marie Brown with Bloggers Psyche Southwell @economyofstyle and Julia Ann Cain @ohjuliaann

Our final stop on our whirlwind tour was TLynn’s Boutique just few storefronts down and walking distance from Fun in the Sun.  It was a ton of fun to check out the new spring things TLynn’s just got in.  They carry cute sandals, booties, blinged out ball caps of your fave local team, amazing tops, jeans and dresses not to mention jewelry.  We were all treated to a bralette of choice.  They have a ton of styles and colors – lacey and sporty!  Thank you TLynn’s Boutique for your hospitality and for allowing us to swarm your store!

1. Ann-Marie (BoutiqueNAV) and Designer Barbara Bultman found cute matching fringe bags. 2. Ann-Marie with bloggers, Yasmin @bnbsocial and Carmen Ramirez @frontrowstl. 3. Carmen Ramirez @frontrowstl rocked this maxi to the max! 4 & 5. Our group @ TLynn’s Boutique in Chesterfield wrapping up our very fun morning!

The fun was not over on our way home.  No way!  Not only did we have amazing SWAG but we had fabulous raffle prizes from local designers and boutiques.  Our mission for the day was to have the bloggers post, promote and engage their followers along the way. To amp it up, we had contests for the most likes and shares.  Our amazing raffle prizes and winners were:  A Silk Top from Rungolee won by Giulina Sertyl @thegirlinthelittlereddress, a stunning necklace from local designer, Yolanda Newson of Yoro Creations won by Psyche Southwell @economyofstyle, a pair of sandals from Claire Flowers won by Valerie Helton @styledmuse, an original print from The Vault Luxury Resale won by Lisa Galvan @lavidalisa, Bloody Mary Mix and an Interchangeables Paris bracelet from The Spotted Pig, won by Julia Ann Cain @ohjuliaann, an architectural ring from Lusso won by Yasmin @bnbsocial, a “Gucci like” fedora from local designer, Dianne Isbell of Hats by Di-anne won by Carmen Ramirez @frontrowstl and a coveted, framed, original, fashion illustration by our guest designer on the bus, Barbara Bultman which was won by Olivia Bleeker @adropintheocean.

The final category was for the most creative post!  Our guest designer, Barbara Bultman, got to judge this category!  There were some great contenders but the winner of the day was Julia Ann Cain @ohjuliaann who put together an amazing story on Instagram documenting our every move in such a creative way!  Nice job Julia Ann!  She won the “You Nailed It” Nail Polish from The Vault Luxury Resale and “Put on your Party Pants” cocktail napkins from The Spotted Pig!

Winner of the most creative post was Julia Ann Cain @ohjuliaann for her Instagram story! Congrats!

We are thrilled that our first Blogger Buzz tour was such a success! We made new friends, connected people along our journey, promoted local businesses and got huge support from our local boutiques and designers!  For our next tour we’ll need a bigger party bus and we’d like to have even more bloggers!  We welcome all Midwest fashion bloggers to follow us and look for news of our next tour!

Thank you Barbara Bultman for coming along on our journey!