About Us

BoutiqueNAV was created by boutique shoppers for boutique shoppers. Part of the intrigue of visiting a new city is discovering the local flair within independently owned boutiques, but finding them can be difficult for even the savviest shopper.

BoutiqueNAV is the answer. It’s a mobile friendly website for visitors, concierge services and locals to use for finding small, privately owned, local boutiques. Pull up the site and bookmark it on your phone to find the “where, what and when” of all local boutiques in a given area. Each boutique’s information will include their address, phone number and a link to google maps for walking or driving directions. If the boutique chooses, they can share links to their Facebook page, website and all other social networks so you can view their merchandise, find out what lines they carry and know about any special events they are having such as sales, trunk shows and parties, all from one place on your phone. You can even take virtual tours of boutiques!

Once you become a passport holder on the site, and get all the free benefits of membership, please tell your friends. When you visit a boutique, please let them know that you found it through BoutiqueNAV. This will help us grow so we can add expand to more cities.


BoutiqueNAV originated in St. Louis but plans to expand to other shopping destinations. The goal is to have every shopping destination covered by BoutiqueNAV so shoppers can discover local flair wherever they travel. Contact us if you’d like BoutiqueNAV to expand to your city.