Jane Epstein Lavey of Giddyup Jane

The charm of local boutiques is that each shop tells a story and is curated in a unique way.  Meet Jane Epstein Lavey of Giddyup Jane, hear her story, and peek into the life of this fashionably local boutique owner.


OWNER SINCE: April 2009

What made you decide to open your shop? 

After earning my law degree I worked for my family’s business. During that time, I began creating custom, western, belt buckles.  I established quite a customer base that included many celebrity musicians.  Eventually, people began asking if I had other chic, western items to pair with the buckles.  I realized that there was a need, and I had always wanted to open a store with a western theme.  I started small by renting a corner space in my friend, Margaret Spooner’s, shop in Ladue called MACS Designs.  Eventually, the space next door became available so I bought it and opened up Giddyup Jane.  After about two years MACS Designs moved down the street so I took over both spaces and we are still here at that same location.

Jane’s Go-To style:

I typically have on a fabulous pair of cowboy boots (I love Old Gringo) and a Johnny Was shirt with a pair of jeans.  The cool mix of western and boho is classic and never goes out of style.  It works anywhere and any time.

Favorite thing in the store:

The Johnny Was brand is a staple here and our new, superstar label is Xirena.  (See both brands pictured below.) Xirena has the world’s best button down classic cotton, poplin shirts!  We carry several colors which always sell out. They are soft, wash well and have a fabulous fit.

What’s the favorite part of your job:

I love to buy!  When I go to market, I think of my customers and what they would like, not just what I want.  But above all else, everything has to look cute with cowboy boots!  I always keep this in mind, with just a few exceptions.  This helps keep the Giddyup Jane brand consistent.


Giddyup Jane has styles that appeal to all ages, but we don’t necessarily target teens.  We do have some trendy pieces but we carry mostly classic styles for women.  We have amazing jewelry, like the Tat2 line, great handbags in vegan and leather, and wonderful accessories.  Although our vibe is chic western, we carry many great brands that aren’t necessarily western inspired.  We carry staples that are always on “the top items that you should own” list such as, a denim jacket, a white button down blouse, cowboy boots and a great pair of jeans.  You are never too old or too young to have these.

Favorite destination to shop:

When I travel I search out the local western inspired stores like mine. I also love shopping in Soho and the West Village in NYC.  My inspiration for Giddyup Jane is a shop in Durango, Colorado called Eureka’s.  I still visit when I travel there because I know the owner.

Advice you would give a person wanting to open a boutique:

You have to like people. If you don’t want to greet customers with a smile, talk to them, find out a little bit about them, and help them with the clothes, then this isn’t for you.