Laura Ritchie of TLynn’s Boutique

The charm of local boutiques is that each shop tells a story and is curated in a unique way.  Meet Laura Ritchie of TLynn’s Boutique, hear her story, and peek into the life of this fashionably local boutique owner.


OWNER SINCE: December 2017

What made you decide to open your shop?  It goes back to when the store (TLynn’s) was Meka. My daughter and I loved having a girls’ day out, complete with nails, shopping and lunch. When we visited the shop together we could always find styles that worked for both of us. We continued shopping there when Terri Lynn bought it and changed the name.  I have always wanted to own a boutique. Several years ago there was a boutique for sale in Ladue, MO. My husband and I really considered it, but the children were small and the timing wasn’t right. In August of 2017, I meet Terri Lynn when we just happened to be at the same restaurant.  We started talking and she was looking for a partner. I seized the opportunity and became her partner in September 2017. In December 2017 she decided to retire and I became TLynn’s sole owner. My theme for TLynn’s is a “Mother/Daughter Boutique” where mothers and daughters can enjoy a day out together and shop at a boutique where both can find fashionable clothes.

Have you always loved fashion? I have always loved fashion especially shoes and accessories.

What was your favorite piece of clothing when you were growing up?  My favorite was probably my bell bottom jeans.

What is the oldest item of clothing that you own?  A black dress that I bought after I had my daughter.

What is your favorite item in the store right now?  A pair of merlot velvet sneakers with merlot satin laces.

What is the best part of your job?  I’ve always enjoyed working with people, which is why I went into nursing initially. I love working one on one with a customer, helping them pick out the right clothes and accessories for their style. I also really enjoy going to market to shop for the the new and upcoming styles.

What is your favorite boutique when you travel?   B. Williams is a boutique down the street from my daughter in Brentwood, California. I love shopping there because I get to spend time with my daughter and do our two favorite things which are shopping and lunch!

Advice you would give someone wanting to open a boutique.  There will be good days and bad days, good seasons and slow ones. It’s important to be patient and try anything. Just because it doesn’t work for one person doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Don’t buy clothes just because you like them, and remember to keep in mind that there are more sizes than extra small. Owners should always be present at the store because customers really want to see and interact with them.  Support other boutiques and, lastly, the customer is always right.